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All I know is what I feel and experience. I have been told twice by different people that I lost a baby. It must have been early on as I never noticed it.

After my second child, when I would pack her baby bag, I would for some reason prepare to pack for another baby. When in the shops, I would round up my two children and always look for the third.
When people ask how many kids I have, I would go to write or say, three, when in fact I have only two.
I also 'hear' someone call mum sometimes, or hear a laugh.
Early this morning I dreamed the baby (who looked like my youngest as a baby) put it's hand out for me to kiss it's fingers, like they do as babies.
When I awoke I could still feel the baby's fingers on my lips. It was a beautiful feeling.
So in my case, I think yes, but I guess everyones case is different?
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