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Originally Posted by Hawaiian Dreams
When I first read the title of your post, I was expecting a much different discussion. I thought the post would be about how some people have access to crystals because of what money they have, and therefore, crystal collection and crystal works is a luxury that not everyone has access to.

I just went on a crystal buying binge over the last couple of days, and have procured the remaining eight crystals in the Synergy 12 set. I don't know why, but I wanted to have all 12, and can see after spending how much I did, how this can be seen as a luxury hobby, that provides a luxury skill. It also made me wonder, if I'm spending too much on crystals and such.

Sorry to steer off the topic, but you had me thinking.

Another thread deals with Azeztulite.

Azeztulite before it was trademarked, was a quartz with very little value.

Once trademarked, probably energized and heavily advertised, the Quartz jumped probably over 1000 times in value.

So are crystals affordable? Yes and No.

Before Azeztulite was trademarked, I purchased a 'bunch' of double terminated quartz that later would be called Azeztulite (TM).

So what do I own from that purchase?

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