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Originally Posted by BigJohn
That show was only 1 show......... imagine 50 - 65 shows, some larger, some smaller.

If you came and saw some of the shows..... you probably would get 'hooked' like a lot of others have.

I think I am already hooked without even seeing one. The most I have seen were little temporary outside shops which come and go with the occasion of some festivals in my city once or twice a year, and that doesn't even come close to 1 show!! I really can't imagine 50 of them

Originally Posted by Lynn
So be it they dont need to know for the energy to still do its job.

Hello :) I do think that crystals carry energy even if that might sound a bit contradictory with what I have said in my other posts, as it might come out as calling it placebo. What I am saying is that it is not placebo, but even if it would be, it would be an extraordinary skill and not a waste of time. People give placebo a bad connotation when instead proves the power of the mind can be incredibly astonishing.

Not to drift on the discussion, I do believe that crystals carry their energy and it is proven that different crystals have different frequencies, it makes sense the way they were categorized as in grounding or high vibration crystals and in-between let's say.

Replying to the quote now, I do believe too that they don't need to know for the energy to do its job but in my opinion they are missing out on a lot as they are not tapping into the crystals potential nor they are tapping into their own energies which they wish to access during a certain period of their life. Sure, we can say that in their context the crystals 'work in the background' but I too know people owning a few and they never cleanse, sometimes dust settles on the crystals even if their furniture is clean, they don't touch it or look at it, they just keep it as a furniture accessory, or what's the word for it...

For example I know someone who keeps a piece of amethyst on his desk and he spends quite a lot of time at that desk. He sometimes has that amethyst on a furniture near his head when he sleeps; he isn't that much into crystals but enjoys having that one. What I observer in the past 1 year is that this person is not drinking any alcohol and avoids most substances which would make him either too awake or sleepy etc... He even told me that somehow he started to like the monk-mode sober state, where it feels like he becomes sensible to everything and he can get more stimulated from progress and relaxed from a hot bath rather than a coffee and a beer...

I mentioned him about the connection of Amethyst with staying sober, I am sure you know. He raised his eyebrows and with a little smirk on his face, was happy to hear that as it kind of made sense to him. And it made even more sense to me. So yes, there are energies to crystals and one doesn't necessarily have to know much about it, but it is a roll of a dice in my opinion. When I was using Moldavite I had a million ideas but I wasn't doing anything at all, it was like I was stuck physically but mentally I was already 'there, at the finish line'. Sometimes I think that is why it broke and stopped using it (my Moldavite) because I couldn't see it (that it wasn't helping me as I thought) back then, but now I do understand what happened.
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