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With a crystal SIZE DOES NOT MATTER now how many times have we herd that statement. Its true though I have some that I wear that are very powerful and I have had others note that energy. I work in retail so I often have unique jewelry on much of it at times is crystal. I have had customers comment on what I have on then say odd I feel an energy around you, but don't even know what stone it is you have on. Yet there is an energy to it, and then go I guess there is something to them not just a "rock".

We sell what is called "decorative rock" where I work some is heat threated and fake as far as I feel, others are not treated but seen as decorative. When a person buys one if I feel they are open to listen a bit aobut the rock they have I will tell them what it is and the properties it has. They are stunned by my knowlege and then go I felt "drawn" to buy this now I know why.

We all have that connection to nature and the Universe but we do not all open that door in this lifetime is all. I feel that we all can sense energy but again have to be ready for that energy.

I have been in many homes where there is crystals all over the place yet the person has no clue what they are or what properties they have. So be it they dont need to know for the energy to still do its job.

I put an amathyst in the lunch room at work with a blessing cleansin exercise with it for the stress of the work place. Comments have been made by Head Office that there is an energy change there, that it feels so good in there, and that other spaces might need the same.

When a new crystal comes in the store I do take the time to bless it and to let it know that no matter where it goes its will still work.

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