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I'm so late to this, but here's my 2cents worth.

Try and go and see an hypnotist for a single session and explain that you want to learn self-hypnosis. They will guide you into hypnosis which will make you familiar with the process. Perhaps they will, while you are in trance give you a "trigger" which can put you back in hypnosis when you do it on your own. It's not essential, though, it just makes it easier. This is how I began. (I then had some more hypnotherapy sessions but those were for specific problems) I've continued on my own since, first for self-therapy, then it evolved into the spiritual aspects.

Also, I recommend the website There are sound files there that start from the beginning. Of course there are others, if you google 'learn self-hypnosis'. There are a lot of YouTube channels, Michael Sealey's is a good one.
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