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Originally Posted by Explorer21

In Robert Shapiro's book SHINING THE LIGHT 4, it says, "Most people today believe that the Nazis were defeated in World War 2 by the Allied forces, but in point of fact, you don't defeat an idea. You might defeat the forces who hold that idea, but the problem was that the National Socialists (Nazis) had taken polarized negative science (science without heart) to the extreme. They had done things in the camps that developed such advanced knowledge (from a scientific point of view) that many of these scientists who were a portion of the Nazi party were coveted by various governments (at least their work was coveted). The Nazi party was able to perpetuate its ideas and ideals through the creation of this technology.

It was the Nazi party that began and really insidiously infected science as you know it today with the polarization toward heartlessness. Look back; read scientific documents around the turn of the century (the beginning of the 20th century). Without exception, they were full of heart and regarded science as something that would uplift humankind and save it from whatever horrible affliction that that particular branch of science was interested in. It was actually something quite uplifting and fairly well connected with the Creator (God) even then. It had lots of heart.

It was really the Nazis who managed to create a branch of science that was heartless, perpetuated after the war because of their influence. Because of the pursuit of expanding the intellect (especially after WW2), this heartless science has affected many other things----not the least of which is selling technology. Whatever you're selling---whether it's an idea, product, service---heartless science needs to be changed. You can't get rid of science; you just need to add heart to it."

This is interesting and explains what seems quite incomprehensible. Heartlessness seems very self-defeating ultimately.

In the book, The Dancing Wu-Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics by Gary Zukav, I first encountered a discussion about why separation from nature had become so ingrained in science. It was seen as a fundamental misinterpretation of "I think, therefore I am", a famous tenet of Rene Descartes and Cartesian Philosophy of Reason out of which "the scientific method" evolved. In this way of expressing, thought is given ascendancy. He might have said, I feel, therefore I am, but feelings are not easily measurable, and of course he expressed his own state of self-understanding. Science has used this to discredit many intuitive leaps and undermine them philosophically rather than investigate further. There is research today from Gregg Braden, the people of HeartMath, and others which says that our hearts have a "brain" and this is what coordinates the human body. Heart intelligence is intuitive and magnetic, very inclusive rather than analytical.
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