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Originally Posted by Starflower
I very much agree with these ideas, Explorer21. There are a number of people today who are advancing the understanding of how consciousness affects the world. These, in my mind, are the true pioneers, scientists and serious thinkers who research the potentials within human consciousness.

There is a long list of such scientists, though most every one of them has been argued with and ignored by the old paradigm of science which just builds on what is already known. Much of what science knows is limited by the kind of minds that apply it.

Some scientists I find cutting edge are Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein. Both have shown profound power in the way we may view reality by looking at things in new patterns of unity. Our unified heartfield is the center of all human consciousness and it is connected by infinite space to the center of the galaxy.

Thanks, Starflower. I greatly admire the way Nassim Haramein communicates cosmic concepts, expanding scientific knowledge beyond the narrow bounds of rigid orthodoxy. He represents the future of science because he puts Heart and Soul into it. I love what you say about the unified heartfield of humanity.
"The greatest government secret of the century is that advanced human civilizations have been discovered on many of the planets in our solar system. And the physical spaceships which are seen in the skies every day are from some of them."

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