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Angel1 The emotional

Hi Alana

A very good question & one that can believe it be worked on very successfully with a Reiki Master ensure that they are what they profess to be or a natural healer.

Healing has intelligence it does not come from us but through us & does not need to be directed it goes exactly where it is needed, we are merely channels for the healing energy to flow from the ether.

The authorities here in the UK have realised it's importance & use volunteers to assist in lets say addiction centres often people who are afflicted with any kind of addiction as they generally have low self esteem, lack of self worth (I am not implying that you have any of these problems) & with great success it is a truly wonderful experience. When I carry out any healing work I will never superimpose what my client will experience it is truly astonishing but never ceases to amaze me.

I have recently been given a photograph that was taken on an old style camera of when we as a family with friends were at a barbecue & I was explaining to an old friend how I work on the Aura it captured the energy you can clearly see the healing white light coming through me to Neville .

It is well worth a visit to a Reiki master or a Natural healer but as I say take care that they are genuine. I hope this is of some help to you.

Love & Light Moonflower x