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Originally Posted by Lucky
Glad to hear youíre feeling better! Iíve been taking turkey tail mushroom powder three times daily...itís excellent to build the immune system. Check it out! Also eating root vegetables, garlic, ginger etc. helps the immune system especially in the winter.

I know I shared with you I had similar symptoms along with other weird symptoms that came and went. I never got a diagnosis from a doctor, but I found an amazing naturopathic doctor who ran several blood tests and turns out I have bartonella...a co infection of Lyme disease that affects every system in the body producing a wide range of symptoms. Also found out my blood type and eating a diet specific to it. The bloodwork showed I was high in certain nutrients but very low in others, so if I can give any advice based on my experience I would say to have bloodwork done before throwing just any vitamins and herbs in the can do more harm than good.

Awesome! I've never heard of Turkey tail mushroom before,and look forward to researching it. Garlic and Ginger i want to include in my supplements aswell. The great thing about all of these herbs is that they can be found plentifully and have been around for along time. What kind of naturopathic doctor should I be looking for if I want bloodwork done? I have a PCP but have never really needed to see him,but I might give him a call soon.
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