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I'm always interested in reading peoples stories about there experiences its interesting in as to say you can possible compare your owns life's spiritual experiences and gives a great comfort in knowing that you are not alone. But one has to have an open mind about hearing these stories for the first time one has to ask for proof in case its ones imagination as there are a lot of narrow minded people out there who love to mock and scoff and say you are a making it up to get attention, but that's not the case when the story teller knows its true and just smiles at them as if to say, if only you really knew you would not mock. I was never 100 percent about mediumship until I experienced it for real my self until I had some training from a well known Scottish medium we were blindfolded after training during the day so we did not know who we were going to be paired with a man or woman they were not allowed to speak just sit down and when they were ready touch our shoulder or knee I was amazed how fast the images started flooding into my mind, what ruined it for me was the image of the lady appearing in slightly different positions I recognized we were not supposed to add to images just say what we say at times there was something floating past my vision at a guess id say it was a spirit orb but it was not clear as I recognized who it was my ego wanted to chip in the experiences was only for a short time or seemed like that I could see this young blond headed girl with hair tied back and was wearing a ballerina outfit doing a ballerinas pose, this convinced me mediumship was real as I have seen many things before but not in this controlled way as the imagines coming forward I described what I could see, even though I have disciplined meditative mind of some several years or more I find it difficult to control my excitement and lost the connection briefly a few times so when the blindfold was removed I was not surprised to see the person I saw in my images needless to say after talking briefly she admitted it was her as a little girl. I am also convinced spirit contacts you in your dreams this may not necessarily be your own family only a few months ago I was starting to wake from sleep gradually and I saw this old fella that looked like my mechanic only older just before I I opened my eyes he got really close up to my own face I thought john what you doing in my dream a few days passed and I decided to visit him as my car was in desperate need of repair or been s******* so I wanted his advice, we were talking and all out the blue he said his brother had passed away several days ago I almost had a lump in my throat and wanted to tell him he's not dead but my other side said no because I also have clairvoyant dreams and decided to give my condolences for his loss id not long lost my own younger brother to cancer so I knew how he could be feeling.
Lyn I want to ask you some other question but not in this article wonder if you experienced it so ill leave that for another time
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