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Originally Posted by ajay00
Robin Williams brought joy to millions with films like Mrs.Doubtfire and wisdom as well with superb films like Goodwill Hunting.

Let us thank God that men like him lived on this earth who helped make life more easier and fun. Knowing the man he is , I don't think he would be happy seeing us very depressed over his demise. He would want us to smile and grin happily.

So, thanks Robin, for all the fun and joy.

I think the best tribute we can pay to Robin is to keep a happy grin or smile in our face always. And yeah, crack a joke a day at least.

Amen to that, ajay.

My son loved What Dreams May Come, I loved Aladdin, my son and I watched it over and over, and I especially adored him in Patch Adams.

If I had had a daughter instead of a son, I was going to name her Robyn -- Robyn Lindsey because he lit up the world with a zest for life you just couldn't ignore. (I named my son after Sean -- Sean Connery, heh...)

Well, I blame doctors for not being more careful with the anti-depressants etc. They don't seem to care what happens to people, rich or poor!

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