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Explorer 21 said: Starflower, I am learning a great deal from your illuminating discussion here. Your wisdom is deep, indeed. Your idea of resting in the silence of inner divine presence is marvellous. You show the great depth of your understanding in such original and eloquent lines as, "Out of that mysterious presence, futures arise and we are their author."

I love what you said about my California holiday being a way of healing all kinds of separation with my wholeness within. Knowing that is very reassuring and comforting. I'm presently in Malaysia after our California and Nevada vacation, and, because of the latter, I feel healthier physically, mentally and spiritually than ever before. My thinking is clearer than ever. This indicates that the healing you speak of did indeed take place in my case.

I'm thrilled to hear about the synchronicity involved in the purchase of your new vehicle. It's good that it is a 2012 vehicle in light of the fact that that year was the conclusion of the Maya's Great Cycle. Also, 2012, like 1952, was a Year of the Dragon, which means your new vehicle has the powerful vibrations of Dragon energy.

Explorer21, thanks so much for your kind words. I am fascinated by the great scope of your travels around this world. Seeing from a whole perspective, so much has been united that is physical and nonphysical.

It's wonderful that you feel "more" of your self now. I have also been feeling that way and it bears much thought because I have been starting to feel the "friendship" of the trees and the ocean in a very personal way. I sit in awe of that friendship and it surrounds me with feelings that are full of new connections and insights. My sense is that those who are dedicated to uniting the nature they express with Nature as it presents are going through the virtual eye of the needle which Christ once referred to. And this is not a test for any of us so much as an allowing that we are One with all we love and see, and what we love sustains us.

Astounded I was by your insights about my new vehicle. I've never driven a car that felt more familiar. It's beautifully eerie. Thank you for telling me that 2012 was a Year of the Dragon as was 1952. I will have tremendous fun with these metaphors.
Much gratitude!
What is a question but a call to the Universe for its answer? Who are you but a call of the Universe to be heard? Unity is the true foundation of our unfolding reality. We all belong together within the kaleidoscope of our perceived singularity.
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