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Originally Posted by jessicasilverman
i heard that you go through a tunnel of light and see your life flash before you and all the moments you withheld love were the most painful,

That's a common experience here in North America but apparently in India and China, the few reported experiences are different and the experience seems to be affected by their culture. Can't remember exactly the Chinese ones, but the Indian ones are like this: The dead person is taken by someone (they don't recognize) to a building where there is an office. As they look through the door they seee a man at a desk that has many papers on it. As they step through the door, the man, hardly looking up shuffles to 'their' paperwork, stamps it and says something like, "she's not ready, she must go back" and voila, they are back in their body.

So from my reading, it seems that what we experience is related to the kind of culture we come from. The Indian experience is very authoritative and officious whereas ours seem to be filled with the 'warm fuzzies' if you know what I mean. For example, I also read that Aboriginal groups don't have the 'life review' and the thinking is that traditionally these people have been more one with the environment, living in the moment and all that sort of thing, so what do they need to review, as in it is what it is. Whereas we've learned that we're working towards something (or supposed to be doing that) and the outcome of which is 'a day of reckoning'.
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