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Hi Annona,

This is kind of off topic, but I remember it from a thread you started on the old forum that I wanted to respond to but didnt get the chance to. You had asked about the type of contact those that pass on make and how we perceive that contact and how it changes over time.

My #1 best friend passed away in 2006. When he first passed, he definitely made contact and I felt his "personality". As time passed, I felt less his personality and more of his "essence". I hope this makes sense. I can feel his essence and presence whenever I wish to seek it. Also, he proactively makes his essence and presence known when I am going through difficult times, significant spiritual progress and change, and when I am playing music or really enjoying listening to a piece of music (he was a phenomenal guitar player and encouraged me to develop my musical soul).

Matt will always be with you when you wish to perceive him and will proactively reach out to you. Make these occasions happy and use this to move forward in a positive manner in achieving your souls purpose as you are still here for a reason. Im sure Matt will always be around to help you in this regard.

As far as that book, I fail to understand how relationships "up there" are infinitely more beautiful than here. He is making a personal value judgment. Those on the other side of the veil will have relationships up there as well as with those they have physically left behind and so do we. Who is he to say which ones are "more beautiful"? How dare he? I can see it doesnt resonate with you and it sure as heck doesn't resonate with me which says something. Im sure Matt values the relationship he has with you now more than he ever did and is not up there making relationship comparisons and value judgments.

You can never end a relationship, only evolve it and change it for the better. Im sure Matt has done so with you. It would be in your best interest and your souls purpose to eventually change the relationship you still and always will have with Matt from one of grief to one of joy. Im sure Matt will reach out and help you with this if you ask him.


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