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Originally Posted by astralsuzy
If that was me, I would feel depressed reading that book as well. I am sure that person that died will always care about you and would want to see you again one day. People say that you should move on, as you have a life here. I would not worry about that book because I really think no one really knows for sure. They think they know. That is just his opinion. It does not mean everyone is like him. He wants to cut ties with every one. That is his choice. Other people who have died would want to see their love ones. I have read many times that when people nearly die they meet with their love ones. Everyone is really happy.

I agree. Even though I am here seeking answers, or at least some support, I believe there are things we are simply not allowed to know while we are here, even if we were masters who did nothing our whole lives but try to attain spiritual perfection. Why do I feel this? Just makes sense to me. No one can produce much proof of anything that is not tangible which says a lot. they spend 20 billion on 1 plane, you think they could produce a spirit for god's sake.

I noticed when people in my life died that everyone approached it a different way. Some would move away 5 states and take on a grueling job. Someone else would not visit home for a while and focus on work. Another may cry for 3 months straight and pop pills. Others run to church every day. Someone else may drink themselves into a coma for a year until the pain subsides. We all have ways we cope, some healthy, some not. I found that time helped and talking with people who loved the person and knew them close to how I did helped a great deal.

I didn't really look into books. Every time I read a book I can find another author who totally disagrees. I try and go off personal experience, conversation, and as my deceased loved one would tell me, "Any port in the storm, dear." We do what we can when we can. I would suggest not putting your faith in one person's ideas, especially if they hurt or scare us.

Wish I had more answers as well. Sometimes it feels if we just "knew" it would make it easier, but maybe it wouldn't and that's why we're left to guessing.
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