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Creatures Found in Japan

Say, you know when some of you attempt to debunk videos such as these from along the lines of "Nah this is too bizzare to be really real" but you always seem to forget to ask, "well perhaps it isn't real, but does God think it is real? Because If he does, it might be real." And I do think it is real, and no the Satanist can not hide their testicles from Me over on the Japanese coast.
Those Satanists need to finish their Beezelbub song by Queen. I bring this up a lot because, they already have it halfway done, hurt Me where the wind blows part is finished. It is time to do the rest, and they have their work cut out for them I tell you. They keep on busting Me, that is the fourth time now, and with the "Its the same old Song and Dance my friend" by Aerosmith, there is definitely a judge or two out there that hate My guts, and no that I have no license, I dart around with My batmobile to do the essentials only in between throwing cop cars around. So I mean, those Satanists have me sitting in My apartment all day, no license, no self esteem, no drive, no driving (much anyway,)no job, just enough energy to sit around threatening them on their Church of Satan contact forms while I sit around collecting disability. I would like to have a friend, but nothing really matters much to Me.
"Music is the strongest form of magick"
Marilyn Manson
You cant just stop half way threw guys come on. Finish Bohemian Rhapsody
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