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Originally Posted by leadville
Scientists and biologists know much about those two, tiny living things but here's something I often wonder about. Where does the 'life energy' of the sperm come from?

The egg is part of a female's body, presumably alive for the same reason the woman is alive. Sperms are alive presumably for the same reason a man is alive. Using the phrase I often use, one could say both egg and sperms are alive due to the 'energy' of the spirit animating a woman and the spirit animating a man. But what keeps sperms alive for the period after they have left the man's body, enter the woman's body and before an egg gets fertilised? When a spirit/soul leaves a body that body ceases to function - it dies. Yet sperms leave a man's body and they survive for a time inside another one.

What keeps those sperms alive?
I think I know what you were getting at.Good question,I can't really answer.
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