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Help O_0

For the most part, I have resolved most of this issue on my own. However, I need support. HALP!!!

I've been having persistent issues with people attatching themselves to me. And may I say, rather demonically.

So reader discretion is advised.

The most resistant to detatchment was this woman I worked with a long time ago. For a day or two, and months later it looked like, she looked just liked me behind the eyes. The last time I saw; I was attacked by a lot of false projections. It took me a while to realize who it was.

For while I wondered how this could have happened, and I've come to the conclusion she must have tampered with my disposed pad or tampon; as in inserted it into her own body while at work....or some kind of spell involving my menstural...or something along those lines. It's been horribly stressful not to spazz out in stress from this horribly hyperventilating thing attaching to me.

has anyone dealt with attachments this deep? How can I detach this person from me?

I hate to ask, but no one really believes me. They chalked it up to some kind of homosexual lust lost LOL
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