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Lightbulb Professional Massage~

I posted on another thread as an aside that I was getting my very first professional massage earlier today and I did. It was grrreat! I was very nervous last week when I set up the appointment and the chiropractor's wife, who is the receptionist was very encouraging, and I needed that. The one thing she told me that came true was that the hour will go by very fast!

One of the coolest things is I had just recently purchased some really lovely massage oil online and I took it with me, hoping she could use it and she did. They say sure, bring your own oil if you want. I ordered it from Isabella catalog online, it's called Kate's Magik Aphrodisiac Fire and it's the perfect scent and one of his patients was in the hallway and smelled it and asked what that was, it was so nice. It's made with sweet almond oil, cold pressed avocado oil, vitamin e, along with the essential oils of sandalwood, patchouli, moroccan rose, and ylang ylang, which I love.

I realized today that even though I think both the masseuse and I were nervous, it was a wonderful experience that I look forward to repeating again soon.

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