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Originally Posted by briam
Slayerof light
Let stop you there everybody is physic

Let's get you to stop too and think for a moment. We don't know if everyone is psychic (I think you mean.) They might be but without surveying everyone we can't be sure - and how would you determine who's psychic in the first place? Or exactly what psychic implies?

it's just that not everybody is spiritually awake

That's debatable but again how would you determine it? It's very likely we're all spiritually aware to some degree - just like you might say we all have the potential to play the piano if we have hands a functioning brain - but it's also likely many of us will have degrees of spiritual aware that vary hugely. And please don't judge a book by its cover. A highly spiritually evolved individual might be undertaking an incarnation where that individual seems anything but spiritually evolved.

you are a spiritual being having a human experience


...your spiritual side is the part that makes you experience being physic but if your not aware spiritual awake you don't experience these things but that OK not everybody wants given them by birth right

It's not down to what anyone wants to be given because they aren't jelly beans being handed out. Our individual spiritual progress determines our psychic or spiritual attributes. Those undertaking a first incarnation, or having had few, may not display many of the psychic or spiritual attributes we recognise. Those with more experience of this dimension may display more of them. But who knows for sure?

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