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An image or presentation is of ego and not soul and underneath my image and presentation lays a soul just as whom gets to connect in and share is guided by the divine not by human hope.From what I read of this is saying what also persists in 'average people' ....its either one sided or its not......same thing different have a one sided crush on a celebrity or a 'normal' avergae joe blogs....its always common.

two have a connection takes two people both being aware of it and each be it a celebrity or an average person makes no difference.
the point is a crush and one is a connection....a crush is the other person (celeb or not) having no idea of you, about you or about any type of connection or soul spirituality connection....but you do to them a connection (celeb or not) is both people being aware of each other and there being a connection between them.
know when to admit you were solo crushing and when it was genuine in both people seeing one another further than base skin surface.

This was quoted from a simular thread about the topic. I know I don't have a soul connection with someone in the spotlight. And I'm starting to think the celebrity is more of a catalyst someone who I can get inspired by their artistry to change myself for the better. Instead of focusing on rather it's a soul connection or not.

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