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Originally Posted by Pandora.
That's an interesting interpretation of The Empress. Is that what has come up for you in the past?

Yes. I've had several cases with the Empress card, that made me realize that ...well, it's not a joke or bliss. But mostly I got such meanings from those practical exercises on Tarot forums. Some Empresses act quite good and balanced- actually these are only the Klimt's Empress, and the Empress in the Wheel of the Year.

While I was posting this morning, my thoughts were that this Empress doesn't look serious, so I didn't expect anything extraordinary to happen. Yes, I had to go to the municipality to sign some documents, but it was planned. Just some 15 minutes after I read your post, Pandora, I had to call the Emergency, and my husband was hospitalised today. So, it is a hospitable card.

Such is my experience with the Empress card.
Google will tell you what 11:11 means.
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