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But it’s funny how every problem we bring up has a pattern hidden within which is it always less to more problems which then always led back to to personals actions and choices they have made in the past, which makes it very hard to combat as to attack and problem you have to attack someone’s past choices and actions which is morally not good or just let them carry on and hope they see you doing something different and follow suit, but that is still no better as they haven’t done any deep thinking yet instead just followed someone or something else.
Yes it can be done via a spiritual awakening by the masses but you still have to deal with emotions overpowering their minds creating false moral standards and disrespectful actions to others and the possibility of no respecting their own “free will” to chose what to do or say, and yes free will is a very subjective term and can fall apart in a instant when questioned but I’ll use it for reference to make it more understandable for those who may not be at such a level as others or myself,
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