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yeah as Miss Hepburn says, numbering the intensity of your discomfort or discontent is critical to a lot of EFT teachings; workings. but another way to solidify that experience and monitor change even more is with writing or journaling.

I have a friend online who helps me with EFT sometimes because he does it for a living, and he is amazing. He's actually abandoned me at the moment because I wasn't able to journal properly lol but it was free help and his time anyways so I guess sometimes a break between us is meant to be.. My issue is going on about irrelevant or different tangents, which may not be hard to see lol. I don't know I mean lastly I was supposed to write about neglect as a child and stuff and I tried but I guess I just can't wrap my head around how exactly I'm supposed to write about it or what he was hoping to read or see from me.. perhaps I could tap about it hehe.. but anyways, if you think about it, writing before and after you tap about whatever given issue can be an enormous help and way for you to see what is really going on!

bringing more consciousness to the issue and yourself.. I think I will try this soon. just write about an issue that's bothering me in a bit of detail that I'm gonna tap about.. then write some more, then tap some more and see where it leads me! EFT works on a lot of levels, getting to all kinds of roots.. and like most things in the physical plane as they say, it begins in etheric realms first cuz those are certainly connected to our current perceived practical physical reality here. how could they not be?
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