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This next one, was shot on the same day as the first photo, on which a sphere can be seen. Actually, it was the first day that I even tried to do this. Its a sequence of 6 photos, which show the plane, and two orbs or spheres flying ahead of it. The two objects seem to move faster then the plane. I will upload all 6 photos so the movement of objects can be seen. I have marked the orbs on each photo with a red circle. The orbs in this picture are much bigger in size that the first one. The photos were out of focus so its hard to see any real detail, even tho the objects appear to be closer then in the first photo, or perhaps they were much bigger. I am not entirely sure with this one, it could be just two dust particles flying across, though the linear line in which they seem to travel makes me think its something else. here are the photos from 1 to 6

Notice how the first object is bigger and second smaller. Also my hand was not steady while I took this, that is why the plane seems to dance around. Probably had my stabilization turned to off too.
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