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Originally Posted by tmf
What is good for cancer prevention? Herbs,food diet etc..

Cancer's the best time to start doing something about cancer, before you actually get it. This applies to all human diseases. Do something now. Before you get it.

What can you do for cancer prevention? Keep your body's immune system up, reduce inflammation in body tissues, the best you can. The key words......"the best you can ". How? Here is what I do, and, so far, it's been working for me.

I really don't eat right ( verly little fresh fruits and vegetables ), so, I supplement.

Spirulina, moringa leaf powder, turmeric, diatomaceous earth (FOOD GRADE ONLY, very important!), cinnamon, honey, flax seed oil, psyllium husks, bentonite clay. coconut oil, oregano oil ( the strong kind ) ( for sweetening ) multi vitamin/mineral tablet, vit E, vit C.

With the above, I boost my immune system, reduce inflammation of body tissues, and detox my body.

Could I do more? Yes, I could, but, that's where it get's into things I really don't want to do. Does this work for me? So far, it has been. Cancer, knee and hip replacements, osteoporosis, shingles, all run in the family. I don't have any of it. I rarely catch a cold or the flu.

To sum it up, whatever you do, do something you can tolerate. Don't make it like you are going to a job you hate.

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