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Peace & Harmony

Peace & Harmony

What does a seeker want out of spiritual pursuit?

There are quite a few prescriptions available for a dedicated seeker:
1. On-line courses on scriptures,
2. Short / long duration courses at spiritual institutes
3. Seminars, Webinars
4. Satsangs – lectures
5. Audio books, videos
6. Meditation retreats
7. Yogic kriyas
8. Spiritual forums – chat groups
9. Visiting holy places – going to mountains – staying in ashrams.
10. Searching for a Guru. What is popularly known as Guru hopping.
So on and on and on……..

After reading accounts of spiritual quest of seekers of all hue and colors one is left wondering if is this some kind of a mirage???

Seekers all over the world have been pursuing these and various other paths for years and yet..

Many seekers have not been able to answer the question posed at the beginning adequately. Vague responses like – looking for answers to questions - “Who am I?” What am I doing here, What is the purpose of life, Why my life is the way it is ……

What could be the common goal for seekers?

Is it peace of mind? Is it harmony in day to day living?

How would anybody get peace of mind in this world where daily living is full of uncertainty, strife, competition, struggle for survival, strained relationships, discrimination based on gender, race, social class, religious beliefs, demographics and what not? Humans have created enormous separation among their own species inhabiting this planet.

Undoubtedly the guiding principle of Non-duality/Advaita shows the path forward.

1. You are neither the body nor the mind. You are “That” the non-dual source. You are infinite. Hence, you can take infinite responsibility while recognizing that your ability to respond is limited by your Mind Body Apparatus (MBA).
Guiding step1- Take complete responsibility not only for yourself but for the totality of the world around you (that includes all others, plants, animals, environment.. et al) and do your best every time using your knowledge and skills.
2. There is “No individual doer”. Since there is only the “Source”, every action, every deed whether by you or by anybody, every calamity natural or otherwise, is within and forming an integral part of the totality of ‘Functioning” in the non-dual moment that is Now. The doer can only be the “Source”
Guiding step 2 – Deepest conviction of the above, that neither you nor the other is the doer of any action whether happened through you or the other will completely unburden you of any guilt and shame for yourself OR malice and hatred towards the other. The relationship with the other will get totally transformed.
3. Any separation leads to misery and strife. Any manmade separation that categorizes people, animals, objects, identifications, hierarchies, nationalities, demographics, will eventually cause discrimination and sense of un-equanimity.
Guiding step 3 – Continuously striving, NOT to separate yourself from the “Others” and not putting yourself on a pedestal, will bring harmony in all your relationships. Accepting yourself as you are and others as they are without judging and bias will bring the oneness and unicity.

Peace & Harmony will follow

The one who can attain the above, would be who else, but an “Enlightened Sage”

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