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Originally Posted by BigJohn
When it comes to Heaven(s)
it might be helpful from what belief system we are talking from.

Having said that, I love the Buddhist Temple paintings of the infinite Heavens and Infinite Hells
and if you look closely, some of the lower Heavens dip down below the upper Hells.
When approaching a subject like this, indeed any subject relating to the mythological beliefs of humanity, I always take the approach of anthroposophy as a whole and then look for common threads or indicators which seem common to many of them, for example, the "flood myth" when it is common knowledge that Earth has experienced many floods at various times since mankind came down from the trees and walked on two legs...after all, we are posting in the science section here, so "belief" really has nothing to do with it.

The Buddhist version of events mirrors the Hindu one, because Buddhism is and was just an "offshoot" of the Hindu Agamic tradition anyway, however, if we are to study my faith, Hinduism as a whole, there are as many beliefs as there are people who practice the religion - which also possibly explains why is that Hinduism isn't very popular outside Hindu countries, but I digress.

We follow the Greek tradition to a large extent ..or rather, they followed us with the whole; "The Gods live on a Big Mountain" thing - so, to us "heaven" means going somewhere which represents the "top of the world" or the "top of the universe" as represented by a huge mountain called "Mount Meru".

Mount Meru also has other names...Mt. Olympus, Mt. Kailash, Mt. Sinai, Mt. Agung, Mt. Arunachala and the human spinal column as representative of the energy (Shakti) which flows up the central channel of Shushumna.. just like lava which flows up through a central volcanic core, transporting the aspirant to the eternal "heaven" of endless bliss and love (Satchitananda).

It is also said that there are many portals or vortices which exist along intersecting lay lines on this planet which can transport us into beautiful Astral realms or "heavens" and I am a firm believer in this. We have tales of such places existing, like Shangri-La or the Elysian Fields even Atlantis and there are just as many "lower Astral realms" as well, like Patala or Naraka. The Earth we live on is kind of "in the middle" as far as these vibrational scalar jumps go, but many of these lower Astral entities have found a tear in the fabric of spacetime (probably but not definitely created by CERN) and have managed to slip through into our reality, influencing life on this planet in a negative way, according to the vibration they wish to have established here.

I will probably have a bit more to say about all of this at a later time, but for now...I could do with a nice, hot cup of Joe.
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