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Selfhood ansd infinity.

Unless we are capable of understanding the notion of being out of time/ space we need to view life in terms of infinite regression and infinite progression.
Our intellect enables us to follow the limited teachings of science, which deals with probabilities, not absolute truth. Alternatively we can intuit and fantasise all manner of possible surreal worlds.
The idea of one finite life of varying duration..... then the judgement, and Heaven or Hell is patently absurd. We are left with the highly questionable "self" of reincarnation; this, at best ,is an essence of the billions ever inhabiting Earth and perhaps other planets or spiritual realms. Again this is all highly speculative.
if our questionable essences proceeds beyond the grave, we need to consider the infinity behind us, and all those prior essences, manifesting themselves------towards what ultimate delight or everlasting continuum, and for what good reason?
Unless we can develop clear guide lines relevant to the intrinsic nature of these states of being we vaguely postulate then, in my view, based on secular and religious histories, extinction may well be the preferred option, the alternative being an infinity of more of the similar ad infinitum, or to be locked into some weird stagnant state forever.
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