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Originally Posted by wstein
There is no need or cause to fill any vacuum. what is it that you really want? Seems to me you think there is some 'purpose' to your life and you are expecting that to be revealed. Clearly that would be in opposition to doing no-thing or nothing.

I am working on not-doing. It comes from 'just being who you are'. Rather than doing stuff to accomplish things, simply observe that things are a certain way even if that is not the way they are 'now'. If you are expecting things to change because you said something, that won't happen. By stating observations without trying or wanting to change anything, what you observe is the way it is now. Note that it doesn't 'change', it is just not the way it was. Basically its the same as having miracles happen. This is more or less the 'externalization' of doing no-thing.

As a side note, its really appalling how tied we are to cause and effect. Its so hard to observe things a different way than they are 'now', without referring to a change from the old to the new. Language assumes cause and effect, and so makes it even harder to state an observation without reference to it.
A light bulb just went on- clearly I have misunderstood wu wei. SO basically this is really not anything new. its no formula, for "getting" its just a state of mind. It doesnt solve the problem because there was none, except we created it. by overanalyzing. which is the bane of my existance.
It seems to be what we would call simplicity here in the west re-worded as the way. literally its just a personal path, a journey?...the way then is what I choose it to be with no regrets, that sums it up.?
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