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Others have covered this, but just to point out a few things, the concepts behind Taoism greatly predate the concepts behind "ego" and therefore one should probably take that into account when trying to understand the Way.

Now remove yourself from the concept of ego entirely. Are you happy playing the cello in front of others? Does it come naturally too you? If so, then why do you question it? The Tao is the natural order of the universe, what drives you to follow it is entirely irrelevant.

But the questions you have will remain. You are probably not 'entirely' happy playing the cello only for people, or else you never would have questioned it to begin with.
Using Within Silence's metaphor, one does not simply wish to keep watering the plant to make it grow. One wishes to find the plant's true home so that it grows entirely on its own without assistance. So that it has all that it needs to flourish for the rest of its life.
That is wu-wei. Action through inaction. The finding of the Way.

You are seeking that path now? So I will tell you how to find it.
To bring 'ego' back into this, you should follow your ego, if it brings you more fulfillment than anything else, because it has led you here and you have already grown. Following this path leads you to question it. Questioning this path leads you to finding your true place in the Way. Thus, if you wish to find that path you are merely to continue this path until it naturally comes to a conclusion. This is wu wei.
And if something else, even doing nothing at all, brings you more fulfillment than your ego, then simply follow that path instead.
Ultimately, do what you think is best, but not by forcing them to be best, but simply by choosing what is truly best.

One more thing.
One thing that Taoism tries to negate is the concept of good and bad, right and wrong. All things change and they flow from one to another, and this is the natural order of things. Without the light there is only darkness, but without darkness there is only light. Both will blind you.
As such, sometimes doing what is truly right is not that which makes you happy, as well as that which makes you happy is not always what is right. One must achieve balance. Balance is the natural order.
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