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Originally Posted by OPVerma
Big John Who are you ? What is your Academic Qualification ? Have you read Quoran ? What is your experience with Allah ? Have you sacrificed any animal with your hands on Id festival ?

Arabic meaning does not make Allah as god. Tell me if Allah has done any divine work ?

How do you say Islam is a peaceful religion ? Its history is filled with blood shed that continues till date.
Academic Qualifications: numerous academic qualifications which I see is of no importance to this discussion. One qualification I will mention is that I was a full time instructor at SUNY.

I have read a good portion of the Qur'an.

Allah, as I have mentioned to you numerous times, is the transliterated Arabic word for God.
Dieu, as I have also mentioned, is the French word for God.

Allah (English is God) has done many divine works which you also agree with.

As for Islam being a peaceful religion: it appears your knowledge of Islam seems to resonate with
those who do terrorize acts in the name of Allah but is groups of people that Islam rejects.

What are your academic qualifications?
Do you own a Qur'an?
How much of the Qur'an have you read?

The main issue at hand is "Do you believe people can write/speak, etc. the word for God in there native language?"

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