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Originally Posted by LifeandOneness
I am in a strange state of affairs. I had a core group of friends, very few but quality, that was back then.

My best friend, passed away late last year, and he was also like a spiritual mentor to me. I miss him dearly.

Also, i had another friend from another another country, and he just stopped communicating. I just made a suggestion to our online chatting arrangements and since then i have not heard from him. It's like he dissapeared off the face of the earth.

I had a colleague once who was my best friend, but i was overseas, and i sent him an email to wish him happy birthday, and have since not heard from him. I think he flipped out because i sent him an email instead of calling but i was in another country. Costs you know.

My only "friend" now, who i know since we were about 12/13 years old, is really getting on my nerves. He has a tendency to make snide comments, and whenever i give one back, i get the silent treatment. I really want to end the friendship, because the friendship has been going nowhere slowly for a while now.

I know i'm not the problem. Spiritually i'm fine, and growing day by day. I cannot take all this "nonsense" anymore. I am a sensitive soul. I guess i had just chosen my friends poorly over time. I need spiritual friends, who can uplift, and grow together.

This thread is not a call to have friends. I just want to know if any of you have been in similiar situations and how have you dealt with it ?

Almost everyone I ever knew passed away.
Or we kind of drifted, not enough in common I guess.
So I found a dog. She loved me. I loved her. The best relationship I ever had.
If you feel you can truly honour that kind of bare love....get a dog. Do yourself a favour! (get a rescue dog. Many need loving homes)

P.S. -a lovely dog will always bring you interesting people to talk to while out on dog-walks etc.
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