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Originally Posted by Baile
If I decide I wish to feel warm and fuzzy, I can pretty much conjure up that reality. It might take snuggling in a blanket, but it can be done. In a sense, that's all awareness is saying with the comment: "The real power of an affirmation is to give a person a feeling of well-being in the moment."

The part of that comment you seem to be struggling with has more to do with this I think: "It propels people to act and create in loving and highly beneficial ways."

If you're unwilling to concede that life is meant to be a conscious exploration of loving action, for the benefit to all, then of course you will oppose any thoughts or beliefs along those lines. So this whole thread and dialogue isn't about affirmations and whether they're true. What it is, is revealing, via your own words, your intent and the actions you take, and whether they're loving and of benefit. Are they? Do you think they are?

i believe "for the benefit to all" is smart marketing... unfortunately the facade is exploited for tyranny and absolutely atrocious behaviour by many preaching the whole "conscious exploration of loving action"... i'm not pointing the finger at you... simply an observation of the world... yes i believe my actions are loving and for benefit... otherwise i wouldn't bother commenting
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