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Originally Posted by awareness
I didn't state that affirmations have a 100% success rate, in the sense that the person will receive what they think they want. When I stated 100%, I was obviously referring and defining "affirmations" in a different manner than you, and I gave clear examples of my understanding of what affirming really is.

Your idea of "success rate" is based upon what you see and hear with your eyes in a very materialistic sense, instead of a deep intuitive understanding. I stated that affirmations work by giving people a FEELING. That part you glossed over and didn't really catch.

Affirming is really about creating an internal FEELING. Affirmations always work because they work in conjunction with a person's beliefs. I never said, for example, that a person who affirms, "I have a million dollars" will get their million dollars through affirming it in that manner. The person who affirms such a thing WILL receive 100% exactly what they inwardly FEEL they deserve, based upon their predominant beliefs and self-perception of themselves.

THIS is how affirmations work, my friend. NOT how you highly erroneously assume they would, if true (which is how many, many people tend to assume). Your definition/understanding/perception of "affirmations" is very narrow.

This is largely why you feel so disillusioned and angry about them, on a quest to tell the world, so to speak, how they "don't work." I suggest expanding your definition/understanding of what affirmations essentially are.

Well, you spoke of success, let's see how successful you are in convincing people here that they "don't work," when MOST of the people who post in this forum category would tell you that they have indeed had some success with using affirmations (and this is not mere conjecture).

If you actually read many of the posts in this category, this alone will show you how little your negative input about affirmations would convince anyone of your "truth" about them in this community.

where is the love? why are you being so negative?

i'm not here to convince anyone of anything... my belief is that affirmations don't work... and i don't see how that makes it an affirmation

and just because my belief is different to yours doesn't make it negative... you have simply framed it to be that way to force your argument
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