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The psychic seems right. He is not the object of true love but the object of lust. When you meet someone and there's an instant overwhelming attraction, or love at first sight, it's a bad idea to take the relationship seriously until you have God's approval. All soulmate couples I know, and all my own experiences, have began awkwardly. Awesome relationships start awkwardly. The ones that start easily also end easily. It's a pattern that I have tried to disprove but it continues to hold true.

In Australia there was a woman who met a man in a nightclub. The man had a halo around his head. They got along really well right from the beginning. Anyhow, as soon as they were alone together, he beat her up and sold her into a prostitution ring. He is now in prison but she did not escape unscathed. The light above the criminal's head was the light of darkness. There are two types of light and the woman did not know any better at the time.
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