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Originally Posted by realizefun
Thank you for sharing ketzer.

I donít know what for life Iím going to have of course. The video you added might be something interesting in this case. I can see how it might apply. However I feel like external forces are keeping me stuck. So Idk. Iíll just grow old I guess. Until I see hope. And at the same time my environment will probably keep me alive and try to keep me growing. Because I do develop, even though in my own way
Well, IMO, you don't sound stuck. In our own way is how we all develop. You may not be seeing hope, but I see it in both of your posts. Both have the answers to your questions contained within them. Non of us really know what kind of life we are going to have, or for that matter what kind of life anyone else is having. The paths we travel are carved out by our souls for purposes that are beyond the limited understanding of the thoughts of the human mind, regardless of how that mind process them.
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