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Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker

@ realisefun ... Oh! I really donít know about autism so am not qualified to comment. I believe there are several types with common factors being resistance to touch and social interaction and yet balanced by powerful visualisation skills.

Fortunately, the divine connection within simply requires us to ask with childlike trust and doubt free authority that we be instantly embraced ... the embrace is a magnetic pulse of joyful elation felt within.

Cannot say about the healing but the connection is ours for the asking.

Wish you love & light


Thank you for your response. I myself have mcdd. With this comes a magnification of distrust and fear. But honestly God takes this into account. I had a few moments where I wasnít alright and didnít trust anybody, yet he helped me. Donít know whether it exactly happened like that, but at least I saved it like that
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