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Hey everyone. Felt like doing some free-style channeling. Hope you find it useful in some way.

Here we go:

Welcome! Please enjoy your stay in this moment as you read the very words intended for you eyes to gaze across. Beautiful isn't it? That moment it time where you're really feeling the words that you're reading. We know it well, and Humble knows it a little too.
We are barely escaping the thought of velvet cream.
Icycle handshake.
Warm companion piece.
Suitcase briefcase, what's the difference, I don't care.
Lines for a movie perhaps?
Okay Sherlocke now what's the answer detective?

tell us the answer

ok, since you demanded it. Here is the answer.


Hear our words of wisdom.

Take opportunity to use Humble Bob's curious skill.

He is not seeking opportunity for himself, but for all to spread the word.

If we gather around a sign, a sigil. One that links the unconscious mind with the conscious mind but is clear when it defines them as two separate entities that you can use, or at least experience using, both sides at separate times, even though it may be hard to follow. This stream of consciousness flow is an example of lightning quick speedy recovery system. All advanced. Going geet clear.

Take it in strides. That is all the channeling you are required to do here for now.

Hmm, I'm gonna go back and read it after I post it, but this was an interesting one I think. Try and read it a few times. Pot smokers, read this stuff when you're high, it'll trip you out and you'll have these little epiphanies, I assure you.
Alright, cheers!

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