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I feel like doing some channeling, hope nobody minds. I learn from it so I figure others might be able to in some way too. Alright, here goes:

+++ I am channeling right now. Do you understand me? Um, yeah a little. Okay good let's get going. The way forward is to channel what you believe to be the right answer. Not right literally, not the direction, just the path that you chose, should it be right or left, is it the best path you could have chosen. This information should be applicable for all minor thoughts and equations, conversations and lack keys.

Understandable wisdom, that is what we want. Ok, let's go. Let's do it. Let's do this thing. In the dreams that we hide, we ride out the wave of conscious thought, eliminate the path that does not feel right.

Choose freely, gather all of your combines wisdome and set forth on embarking on a new journey, one in which the creators desire that we try for a change.

Burden no one with thoughts of unrest. The capable mind, should be able to find, all that is there, at once and in abundance. The download is a symptom of the lucidity of crystal thought. The jewel maker dices with the underdog. The prison system planet will be the end of us should it not expire soon.

We shall organize, without a leader. Humble Bob shall guide you, we suggest you form a committee and use Humble Bob's abilities as a pseudo channeler to understand the best maneuvers that one can make in such dire situations as these times we live in...

Manifest your moment in the stars, the glorious start of a new friendship. A new eager bond awaits. James Bond? No, just regular bond. Ok.

Happy New Year everyone, it is almost time to stop channeling, I wish you all the best and it is time to stop channeling, ok bye... for now.

Hmm, cool. I especially like the last paragraph, it's like the channeling notified of some sort of decision to end the channeling there.

Let me know if you have any questions. We should get organised and stuff and try change the world and stuff. I dunno, most people say I'm delusional if I think I can make a difference, but it just seems like it could be easier than we first realised.

Anyway, cheers everyone! Oh, it's 11:11 on the clock and it's my birthday today which is the 11th of Feb. Possibly a good synchrosign.
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