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[quote=Pagandell]Is planet earth important in context with the multivers.

Okay, I'm gonna try and channel an answer, here we go:

+++Your question reminds us of a time when there was only one. One burst forth into many. Earth remains important, not for the planet itself, though it is wonderful, it is for the people who have evolved. We have created a simulation of reality, the reality you see before you is indeed real, but it was designed with a purpose in mind. It was not all by design, but yes, the Earth and particularly this vision of time, the now moment, is incredibly important. Understand that there are many planets and many universes, all of which have great importance. Earth is one of many, yet it is of great importance in THIS universe and at THIS time. We hope that answers your question.+++

Originally Posted by Pagandell
Is jesus or Krishna or who ever the only right one or are they all right.

+++Ah, you see, this is where it gets complicated. Think of it this way, once you ascended, reached enlightenment, had your third eye open, you may be convinced that you know how to fix societies issues. These messages are meant for all, and there should be no only right one, forget worshipping anyone who has claimed to have found the key. Listen, but do not worship, they are all human and ALL fallible, to think not would be the myth replacing the truth. It is not that they are all right either, it is more than they were onto something involving communication/words/language and they managed to gain enough respect/admiration through their important words, that they were able to live on through history. The worship of these figures, if they were true and righteous, would not wish to be worshipped, remembered, but not worshipped.+++

Cool, that was super interesting, I think, thanks for the great questions Pagandell! Seriously, this is a lot fun.

So the other thing we can experiment with is not asking a question, but asking to speak on particular topics.

Oh, and also to direct the channelling to a particular being in mind. For example you could say, "what is the importance of Jesus and Krishna and could you channel The Universe first, then Jesus, then Krishna" and since I just used that as an example, I might as well try it out of curiosity.

+++The Universe - Hello, this is the universe speaking. I hope that you are well. It is our desire to recall the question being asked of the importance of figures like Jesus and Krishna. They are very important to be sure, but not as important as they felt they were at the time. We have to remember that the chosen one is not a righteous indignation, it's a way of life.+++

+++Jesus - Hello, I am Yeshua, otherwise know as Jesus. I have had much time to think during my period away from time itself and have discovered that not only was I not the son of God, but that we are all either the sun of god or none of us are. God, I have come to realise, was not a figure in which to birth a child by any means. If I was the son of God (a clever turn of phrase I coined) then I would have remembered that it was not I who became the sun, but all who become the sun.+++

+++Krishna - Hello, Krishna here. I hope this pleasant evening finds you well. You are aware of the negativity surrounding figures like Jesus. It is not our desire to be worshipped any more than it is our desire to be figures for positive change. We simply exist to exist. The stories written about us were mostly out of our control. We learnt brainwashing techniques. Ouch, don't say that it's liabilus, huh, who said that? I am Kirshna God of universal thought/language. Please don't write that.---

Haha, dunno what in heckens was goin on at the end there, but it seemed revealing in some way.

Cheers Pagandell!
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