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A storm, unfortunately, yes. Spent most of yesterday and today's afternoon prepping. It's going to be the worst one I've seen here yet, living close to the coast it's windy here a lot.
But gusts of 140 km per hour... That's way OVER 12 Beaufort...
I'm very concerned about my fences/gates and the garage. But at some point you've done what you can and it's wait and see.
At least I don't have a car at the moment that can get damaged by roof tiles or branches.

So my focus has gotten of full moon, although I've had crystals in the window the last 2 nights. But with the weather I doubt will see any moon again until maybe next weekend.
I wouldn't be able to sleep in a moonlit room either. I need it to be dark otherwise I don't sleep well.

Hope you're going to be okay during the storm!
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