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I am loving your friends words. wonderful communication. Please feel free to tune into my vibe. I do a lot of channelling. I'll let you in. It is okay. It is a grand thought experiment. Just a great experiment.

Channelled words are great and we need to more of it.

I would perhaps like to do some. Though in all honesty I love just being me also. I love communicating with the ascended ones. I miss the dreamwalkers. They are very special. They will come again in great big ships that will fill the sky.

I need to ask questions to make this work.

So here is a question. Are their any sweet words for me?
Does she still think of me?
Does she dream of me?

It is a very exciting time. I am in the rare position of having not many questions. I am still working out the process of creation.

Speak of me about him, my teacher. That would be great! His name begins with G

Also it would be grand if you could talk about my other teacher, his initial begins with J.

Also, and as a bonus, there is also the teacher whose name begins with L

If you don't want to then that is fine.

Also, what is all the foot stamping? I would like to know about that!


Just a little message for you. Keep on keeping on. Shine your light and wink.
We are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising.

If I do a reading for you. Be aware, that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

*I hope you got a receipt for your goldfish.

"It is worst still to be ignorant of your own ignorance"
Saint Jerome.

It is probably wise to send me a private message first (on this webiste) if you wish to contact me via skype
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