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I cannot believe someone can be so sinister. I had never met before someone as sinister as this person. This person has caused so much damage to others and is so full of darkness.

Believe it.

The best way to put an end to the horror story of dealing with an emotionally stunted individual of a sociopathic nature (a state well documented by science and proven by brain scans for nearly 2 decades now), is to simply stop reading their posts/stupid letters & emails.

I am well versed and well equipped at protecting myself against such sadism, even online. And while the two states (sociopathy and sadism) are not considered to be co-morbid, i.e. they are entirely separate diagnoses, they certainly can and do also occur simultaneously in the same individual(s) by chance. I can spot such an individual quite readily. Our sweetness is like a light they are drawn to, to try feed off of. They think they are invisible, and that no one is witness to their 'secret' pleasure, and sad and pathetic little games. But those kinds of games aren't going to work on those of us who can see through it.

Originally Posted by bluetimetraveler
I am no longer willing to fall back into the naiveness of feeding this monster.

Good for you.
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