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personally I think the fact I couldn't let go of someone in my last life is why I now get the pleasure of seeing everyone I become attached to eventually leave and then I have to end up wailing... but it may go deeper than that, I realize that such endings may be a more natural way of life than the 'happy ever after' we are taught to dream about. And wailing about it is its own pleasure...

this time as I contemplate the end I'm triple whammyed for the loss, because that brought up memories of the loss of the 2nd favorite female, then someone talked about she who was my celibrity twin flame in another life who I also lost in this one... so I'm due for a very good cry right about now...

anyway as far as lust I'm not really capable... too many past lives where they decided to remove that possibility from me forcibly that I can't get around I guess. Not that I didn't do that sort of thing in past lives, just that all things considered my attachments as strange as they are go much deeper than that right now.
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