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For me, it's hard to grasp a love/partner reading with 1 or two cards. A larger spread may be more insightful in your situation. My take, there is affection or sentimental value he feels with you (the Cups Queen showing up) The very least, he sees you as soft & loving. The Perception card appears more of being stagnant with you, stuck, no movement, no motivation.The Wheel is a card signifying half way into the journey and going forward ( as far as the number order int the deck) Reverse is going nowhere. Again limited information but it could be he is waiting for you to make a move; the six of pentacles and ace of wands may be an indication of that. However, saying he giving mixed signals and all and simply keeping it friend, The Wheel RV may also indicate he is not interested in pursing a relationship-- with anyone at all. This doesn't mean he doesn't feel a type of way for you (not to mention, being friends is a very valuable thing).More of a timing thing--not ready. Perhaps, press the cards on more direct questions on what/where/how to improve the situation. Or a find a good relationship spread. Much luck on the situation!

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