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Tarot Spread - does he love me?

Okay so I’m just been dabbling into the Tarot cards. I’ve been using them to help me gain some insight with someone.

Yes I used the two card spread does he love me?

1st card- his feelings for me - queen of cups

2nd cars - his perceptions of me - wheel of fortune reversed

Wheel of fortune was somewhat hard to decipher looking at some other interpretations on other tarot forums. So I pulled out two cards to help clarify the wheel of fortune and got six of pentacles and ace of wands.

Any insight would be great. I asked this because I’m friends with a guy who gives me very mixed messages and I am trying to understand why he acts the way he does and how I can respect his feelings towards me and I was wanting to know if I’m possibly confusing him with my actions as well.
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