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From my own experience, i do have some kind of pre-cognitions, and invisible guidance.
I usually do not talk about it with others, because, somehow, i know to who i can talk with (if they are near by).

And, as someone else said - the guidance may come from the Astral realm. The Astral Companions may be my self in(from) the astral realm giving me advice on how to proceed. (at least, from my understanding, there is a possibility that it is so.)

And i'm pretty aware of the fact that, people who do not believe in such things, want to convince others, that these experiences are not real.
You can see many of these "Debunking" tries on TV and on Youtube.

But the problem is, once you experience it yourself, they can't convince you otherwise.
It becomes ridiculous to even try. But the problem is, i do not have enough "FACTS" to prove it to others, so i keep it for myself.

And soon, the understanding comes, too, why the so called "others" do not believe it.

As you may watch these 'honest' documentaries, you may recognize the pattern:
Usually, debunking docu's are purely 'material-fear-money' based. And every paranormal "Experience", humans can debunk with "Logical explanation" using their Minds.
Using the same thing, which would allow them to experience and to accept paranormal, against it.

The best thing to do, in this, is: to seek people, who have the same or similar experiences, and to think of "others" as misunderstood.
Trying to debunk the debunker may lead you into disbelief, because "They" have good arguments (including self made evidence), and you have only the experience.

And of course, there is, as well, the work which God and the Angels do.
God is Love, and therefore so am I. What is not of God, has no power to do anything. now with Desktop mates

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