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Lightbulb Eureka!

I had a Eureka moment recently! (I love Eureka moments!!) I am an HSP and I've really wanted to feel connected with the people in my life. Especially my husband, the person I share my life with, the person who is a fantastic father to my son. I've been trying so hard to make him happy, and to make our relationship perfect. And I knew the hard I struggled, the worse things felt. My husband seems completely mystified whenever I mention wanting a "soul connection" with him.

Suddenly, I realized, I've been ruminating on this, and that doesn't solve anything! I'm making myself miserable because my life doesn't resemble exactly what I want. But if I just let go, if I just trust that my relationships will naturally unfold into deeper, more fulfilling connections, then they will. Because the Universe has my back. ;

I suppose I just have to take that lesson, and try to use it in all aspects of my life. Which means I need to practice mindfulness...and that's a whole 'nother post!
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