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A pure hunter-gatherer lifestyle would have low impact yes..

I understand if done sensibly it can help ecologically, but that works with a large wilderness. Most of nature now is about small pockets that require careful monitoring and protection, especially in Europe. Hunting in Europe has been about throphies for centuries, a hobby for the nobles or a means to rid agriculture of “pests”. Hunter-gatherer societies theoughout human history were also small and there certainly weren’t billions of people..

We now live and consume within the context of civilization. We switched to agriculture but at least we used to have less impact, wildflowers were allowed to grow, and fields were small. All of this was beneficial to insects. Small areas to cross and fly over. Cows grazing outside was as well, which is why I support organic dairy and I’ve talked about this specific issue for years now with vegans but they just black out. With gardens too there’s been a change. Flowers are seen as pests and gardens are, to most people, a field of grass for kids to play in, or it’s just stones and rocks. Then they complain the heat doesn’t leave on a summer day and use more and more water..

Anyway.. concerning the theme of my thread.. what we see here is definitely spirituality changing in accordance with civilization’s changes and lifestyle. It now all seems to be about me, myself, and I. Animals? Dogs, cats, cows, and horses. Check YouTube and a cat video gets millions of views whereas an excellent nature doc receives a few hundred thousand with some luck.

Humans and livestock together make up the overwhelming majority of biomass today, they weigh more than the millions of wild species combined. This is so ridiculous!

Spirituality has been reduced to one life form. Even the ‘guides’ are now almost exclusively seen as human, just as the deities, and a hierarchy was created (god > men > women > livestock and pets > the rest). Religions see humans as the crown of creation, but it is really the story of a self-made men who trampled on everything else..
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